Thursday, 8 May 2008

Firstly, welcome to my blog 'Life of Cattoo'

Above is my first Cattoo illustration to show you, titled 'That Sunday Feeling'. This was hand drawn in ink on A3 paper then digitally coloured. Print's will soon be available at

I live in Kingston Upon Hull, situated in the North of England, with my husband 'Al' and my cat 'Neo' who enjoys eating, sleeping and sunbathing.

I am a nationally qualified Youth Worker, currently working full-time for a young people's voice and influence project.  In 2007 I achieved a Diploma in Community and Youth Work at Hull University and in 1999 I also achieved a HND in Creative Studies at Humberside & Lincolnshire University.

At some point soon, you will get to see more of my artwork. In the meantime take a look at this fantastic bag I have found on by Iragrant and these pretty earrings on

1 comment:

ira said...

Hi Helen,
Your artwork is beautiful and so refreshing:)
And thank you so much for your mention about my bag:)