Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sweet dreams are made of birds...?

Ever wondered what your cat is dreaming about when they are making those funny noise's, erratically moving their paws and claws, twitching their whisker's and flicking their ears?

If you watch closely, you might be able to work out what scenario is being enacted in your cat's dream.

I,m sure all my cat 'Neo' dreams about is food, food, food and food. Including having the ability to fly for the birds in the sky!

Here is my sixth Cattoo illustration titled 'Sweet dreams are made of birds...?'. This is painted with acrylics on 7 x 5" canvas. Prints will soon be available at Cattoo.etsy.com


belinha said...

I love that cat!!!;-)Miauuuuuuu...super cat!

Helen Dalgairns said...

Thanks Belinha, I may have another super cat painting on its way soon :-)