Sunday, 14 December 2008

King Tom says..........................

REGAL, originally uploaded by dashing denzil.

To become a proper King
you must first learn to look down you're nose
and secondly whenever the occasion demands
learn how to strike up a pose
as a kitten I learnt quickly
and my mother taught well
that to get the top perch in this world
see off the opposition, strike a good pose
and always look over you're nose.

I recently came in touch with Carol on Flickr and fell in love with her cat Tom. I thought I would share him with you all too, here is a little intro about Tom by Carol:

Tom was the first of our Maine coons. We have 3 and two moggies.
He is 9 now and although not quite the heaviest he is the biggest. He measures a metre from end to end spread out. Far from being arrogant he is a proper wimp, and eats less than the others. However, he knows how to pose and we have showed him a little in the past where he sits just like that in his pen and knows he's beautiful.

Maine Coons are very gentle cats usually with no attitude, just bumbling their way through life.

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Heather said...

what a beautiful cat!