Thursday, 12 February 2009

Blimey its cold!!

My journey from work to home today consisted of, walking home with my bike in lots and lots of snow!!!!!!!!!!! This morning was fine, no snow just wet and cold so I decided to cycle to work. At 1pm the little flakes started show and shine in all their glory and I knew that my little bike and I would not be cycling home together. Anyway here are some photos I took along the way :-)

Once home, I brewed a cuppa and played about on Photoshop.  Below is a photo of my cat 'Neo' that I digitally changed on Photoshop.
Bye for now :-)


notmassproduced said...

wow - u are a brave woman! i live in York and Thursday was slushy snow all day too :o)

Cattoo said...

It now seems to be getting a bit milder and plants are starting to grow, which is nice to see :-)

I visited York on Saturday, had a lovely creme tea in one of the cafes down the Shambles. Beautiful place, hoping one day I can try the lovely cakes and buns in Bettys :-)