Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My painting request from an 8 yr old :-)

In my last post, I mentioned that my friend and her two beautiful daughters Evren (8) and Maddison (2) came to visit me. During the visit Evren requested a custom painting, which included such things as kittens in a basket, flowers, ribbons and lots of pink stuff! Well I took on the challenge and above is the custom painting. I presented it to Evren on Saturday at her Roller disco birthday party, she smiled lots and said the painting was very cute :-)

I have also been wanting to share these little trees with you, they are made out of recycled cardboard and fabric! I think they look quite pretty and I am thinking of making some more to sell in my Etsy shop. So watch this space :-)


Laura said...

Adorable kitties in a basket! Nothing like an 8 year old to give you inspiration!

Cattoo said...

Thanks Laura

I think I felt more under pressure to get this painting right. Kids are so honest aren't they :-)

Kendra Zvonik said...

What a wonderful commission!! That was so kind of you.
Also, love the trees you are making! I'll have to keep my eye out for those!
Hope you are well and happy :)

Cattoo said...

Hi kendra,

I'm doing good thanks :-) I'm currently busy doing two more commission paintings for someones playroom, although a lot larger with more detail.

The trees are something I'm quite excited about and hope to expand on more soon.

By the way, thought your exhibition looked fabulous and hope there are many more to see.

Take care, Helen :-)

Nikola said...

The painings colours go so well togesther and the balance of the pice is great, as for the trees these would make great ring holders, i love the idea, please keep it up and happy crafting.

Cattoo said...

Thanks Nikola, your words of encouragement are much appreciated :-)

Just popped by your blog and glad to see you are also still perusing your crafting.


Jen said...

I'm madly in love with that handbag!

Kate said...

I love the pic of Neo with his arm sticking out. I love when cats do that!

Cattoo said...

Thanks Jen, its pretty cool isn't it. Especially for 50p :-)

Cattoo said...

Hi Kate,
Yes Neo looks very relaxed in this photo, with her arm sticking out. She likes to sleep a lot and I find her in this position often :-)