Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Aurelia and Kitty Ribbons

Aurelia and Kitty Ribbons
Acrylic on Canvas: 11.69 x 16.54 inches

This is a recent commissioned painting, that I have created for a 4 year old little girl called Aurelia on behalf of her Mother Claire. Claire asked me to create a painting for her daughter based on a story they shared together about Aurelia and her pink fluffy cat called Kitty Ribbons.

This is what Claire said:
"The Story is about Kitty Ribbons being made and looking for an owner to love. Its about when Aurelia walks into the shop and finds Kitty Ribbons and they fly home together from America. It centers a lot around Aurelia showing Kitty Ribbons her bedroom and where she and Kitty Ribbons are going to live. Aurelia’s bedroom is full of all things pink and she is totally a girly girl. The story ends with Aurelia and Kitty Ribbons cuddled up in bed one night looking at the starry sky, knowing they have each found their best friends"

Kitty Ribbons

The painting also includes these two Sleepy Bears, which Aurelia also cuddles up to in bed every night and names 'Sleepy Bear and Sleepy Bears Cousin'.

Hope you like the painting Aurelia :-)


SongNote said...

I"m sure Aurelia will be delighted! Who wouldn't be?! I'm intrigued by your blog and love especially love the header artwork. Thanks so much for our kind feedback on my latest blog. Great to make new friends :-)

Cattoo said...

Thanks Songnote for kind words. Glad to make a new friend too :-)

sarah said...

What a wonderful idea for a commission. I'm sure it will be always treasured.

Cattoo said...

Thanks Sarah :-)