Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Frances and Vinegar

I simply love this photo taken by Katie Henry, designer and creator of fabulous Made by Hank. The best part of this photo for me is, the little pink tongue hanging out Frances mouth :-P

I asked Katie how long Frances and Vinegar had been living with her and if there were any funny stories to tell us about them. Here is what she said:

Frances is my dog, and Vinegar is my new housemate's cat.
We all just moved in together at the beginning of April, so
they have only known each other for a little over a month.
There aren't really many funny stories about the two of them
yet as they have mostly avoided each other, but Mike
(Vinegar's person) went to Guatemala for ten days and
during that time Vinegar definitely warmed up to Frances
and they started hanging out on my bed and napping together,
probably because it is the sunniest and fluffiest spot in
the house!

I suppose the story of how Frances came to be my dog is a
little funny. A little over a year ago, i went to a
friend's bar for happy hour, and when i left, i had a pug!
no joke. A friend of a friend had her because her original
owner couldn't take care of her anymore, and she was
fostering her. I agreed to take her for the night since my
house was very pet-friendly, and decided i wanted to keep
her forever because she is seriously the best dog ever. So
i went to happy for a quick beer, and left with a furry best

Thanks for liking the photo!


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