Sunday, 21 June 2009

As promised

Here is my latest illustration titled 'The Cat Friendly Landlord'. Prints will shortly be available in my Etsy shop.

Bye for now :-)


SongNote said...

Gorgeous! How cute!

Cattoo said...

Thanks SongNote :-)

Flower Girl said...

Hello Helen, Your illustrations are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for being the very first person to sign up to follow my blog! You'll see from there that I'm a cat lover too! Thanks also for favouriting me on Folksy. Great to see Robin Hood's Bay in your earlier post - I love that place but have not been for some years. Perhaps we'll visit again in the school holidays....Rebecca x

Cattoo said...

Thanks Rebecca :-)

I think all your brooches are Gorgeous too!! Have nominated you with ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD :-)

and yes go visit Robin Hoods Bay its a beautiful place.