Monday, 14 September 2009

VW Action

Every year my husband and I go to at least one VW festival, this year we went to VW Action at Santa Pod Raceway, UK.  The weather was mainly sunny except for a blight of gale force wind on the Friday, which wasn't fun whilst putting up our tent! We usually attend these VW events in our 1970s VW Campervan called 'Buzz' but he needs a little TLC at the moment, so tenting it was!  Here are some photos that I took whilst I was there.

  This Beetle owner must have been taking a large family on holiday ;-)

 Don't you just love the artwork on this Campervan!

Dusk at our campsite.

 My hubby chilling out in the morning rays.

 Breakfast time, beer or juice?

Lastly, just little me enjoying the last of the summer.

I will be back soon after a commision painting is finished :-)  In the meantime please take a look at 'Florance and the Machine' a band I went to see perform live last night at the Hull Freedom Festval. Florance Welch had the audience of Hull captivated last night, her voice is so beautiful and her lyrics are filled with layers of magic, melancholy and love.  Thank you Florance for putting on such an amazing performance, my friend and I left with goosebumps and our hearts warmed! x x x


straw76berry said...

Hi Helen, your pics are great you look like you had a nice time. I love camper vans and bugs they are very kewl. Would love to see pics of buzz. x

Life of Cattoo said...

Thanks Erica :-) I will take some photo's of Buzz soon, in the meantime here is a link to a Flickr pic of our VW Beetle.


Elise said...

Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...

Life of Cattoo said...

Thanks Elisa, Lovely to see you popping by my blog again and glad you like reading my posts :-)

Helen xx

Smitten by Britain said...

That's one groovy bus. I love it!

Bria said...

Hello Helen! Found you through efa and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You rock. :)

Life of Cattoo said...

Oh my, thanks Bria :-)

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, just stopped by to see how you are doing. Longtime no visit!!! so I missed you. I hope life is treating you marvelously.


Life of Cattoo said...

Hello Duchess, I am fabulous thank you currently looking forward to some winter stews, fires and hot chocolates.

I have missed you too, hope you have a spendid little winter and have many cosy nights in with a good cuppa :-)

Love Cattoo

Life of Cattoo said...
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jiorji said...

OMG!! are you kidding me?!?! i'd LOOOVE to go to one of those festivals. I think my giddyness meter would go overboard there haha

i love the pic of the sleeping. awww

i want to live in one and drive around. How cool would that be?!

Life of Cattoo said...

Go for it Jiorji, buy one tomorrow and start planning your adventures :-)

Our campervan has now retired for winter and will hopefully come back alive next summer for some mini adventures.

x Helen