Friday, 21 January 2011

Dear Cat

Dear Cat, I promise......
I will always give you a little kiss on the head everytime I leave the house
I will always jump with joy when I put my keys in the front door and
hear your MEOW! 
I will always love you, even when I find a poop in the bath!
I will always make sure you are safe and warm!
I will always make sure when mowing the grass that I leave a bit uncut for chewing on!
I will sometimes let you sleep on my bed.
I will not complain too much when you are malting everywhere!
I will play evil paper ball with you until the newspaper has disapeared
I will tell you when I think your grooming has turned into an obsessive compulsive disorder.
I will tell you when your breath smells!
I will try not to fidget to much, whilst you are a sleep on my lap.
I promise you this much for now.........

What do you promise your cat?


Brie said...

I promise I won't spray you with water when you jump on the counter to give me a hug. Only when you jump on the counter to eat my food.

Metro Retro Vintage said...

I love it! I promise to allow kitty to claw me just a little, when "kneading biscuits" on my leg, lol.

Beth Retro said...

this is soooo lovely. i have a cat i am very fond of too. and oh, the things i promise her..i can hardly begin to list lol. she is very needy!
fantastic idea for a blog post xx

Life of Cattoo said...

Thanks Beth :-)

Neo my cat is very needy too. Today I am not too happy with her, I forgot to lock her down stairs last night which meant I was woken up at 4am this morning with her sat on my head! Had a busy day at work too!