Monday, 28 March 2011

Help Japan - 1000 Birds Project

What is it?
This project has been set up by Makiko Hastings, Japanese ceramicist who currently lives in North Yorkshire, U.K., aiming to raise money to help Japan for their recovery from the devastating Earthquake / Tsunami on 11th March 2011. Makiko has family and friends in Japan, where many others are effected by the Earthquake. As you can imagine, Japan’s recovery will take a long time, it can be decades for people to get back their life. They need help more than ever. Makiko believes every little helps and can make a difference, which lead her to the idea of selling1000 handmade ceramic birds. All sales of the birds will go to Japan Earthquake appeal.  
Why 1000 birds?
The idea was influenced by the Japanese story of 1000 paper cranes. Please click here for the information.

What does the bird look like? 
Each piece is handmade and individually decorated by Makiko from her home studio. The birds have no wings, instead ‘HELP JAPAN’ logo were embossed on its body, which emphasising the wish that with YOUR HELP they can hopefully fly for their life once again. Red chest is a symbol of Japan. Individual birds are numbered from 0001 to 1000. This is for administration purposes so please bear in mind that Makiko will NOT take any order for any specific numbers. Makiko’s signature is embossed on the tail. 
Birds are made out of ceramics, in a form of a chopstick rest. It is small enough to hold in your palm. You can also keep it as a lucky charm, which is a tradition in Japan. (e.g. to wish for your child’s growth and good health) 

How long will this project last? 
The project opened to the public from 27th March. It is set up as an on going project to help Japan long term. Makiko will be making birds until the sales reach 1000 birds. Remember, even TV stops showing Japan related news, it does not mean that they are fine. So please don’t forget they need continuous help. Every Little Helps. 
Where does money go?
Each sales will be calculated regularly and will be sent to a Japan Earthquake appeal organization in Japan. Makiko will inform the outcome on her blog.   
Who can help?
YOU! Anyone who are happy to help. Every little DOES help for people in Japan now and the future. This project is accessible worldwide. You can also help by spreading the word. What individual can do might be small, but putting many of those individuals together, ‘WE’ can certainly help Japan. So please spread the word. 

How much is it?
These beautiful birds are only £3.50 each! There will be an additional fee for P&P.  There is an option for those who are happy to donate extra.

Please go to: Makiko Hastings blog to find out more about how to purchase one of these wonderful birds and make a donation to the Japan Earthquake appeal.

I am looking forward to holding my little bird

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