Monday, 4 July 2011

Learning something new and relaxing in the sun :-)

A few weekends back, I went on a bookmaking course at Artlink in Hull. It was part of the annual Humber Mouth literature festival in Hull and was delivered by Guy Begbie, who is an internationally established book artist.  During the course I learnt various bookmaking skills, including Japanese book binding and the creation of a multifunctional pocket sized book. I really enjoyed learning a new craft and this is definitely something I would like to try again.  The books you see above, I made during the two day course and my favourite one being the pull out book .  Hopefully I will remember how to make them :-)  

This weekend Al and I visited Thornwick Bay near Flamborough.  The sun was out and the East Yorkshire coast was calling!  This is a great little beach, with many rock pools and caves to explore for such things as Sea Glass!!  I will return to this area of the coast again one day.  We left refreshed and ready for the week ahead of us :-)

Hope you all have a good week :-)


Aitch said...

Ooh, that book-making course looks like it was an interesting way to spend your creative time! Love the photo of Thornwick Bay, too!

Life of Cattoo said...

Hi Aitch :-) Yes the bookmaking course was a lovely way to spend my creative time, if it comes up again it is definitely worth doing. x

notmassproduced said...

MMMMmmmm book making..there's something special about it isnt there? Sorry to read your last post about your husband and your job situation. Are things improving for you? Your illustrations remind me of an artist who used to have a studio in St Ives..her name was Ponkle...her work always had cats in it :o)

Life of Cattoo said...

Hello Notmassproduced :-) Yes there is something special about bookmaking, it is a little magic really. My husband is feeling a lot better thanks and I found out that I got my job back a few weeks ago. So things are getting better finally :-) I think I saw some of Ponkle whilst in St Ives in 2001, did she do an illustration of black cats sat outside a cat gallery (I think I have a postcard of this somewhere) xxx