Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Moving on a Little

Things are moving on a little! I have been able to keep my youth work job in a recent restructure and I have also been approached by an arts centre in Gloucestershire who would like to sell my art cards! 

The past few days I have been trying to make my studio more organised and prettier to work in.  I have been collecting postcards and little prints for a while now and so it was nice to finally give them a home.  My favourite print being 'Small Acts Transform the World' which I bought from The Big Harumph on Etsy.

Bye for now xxx


notmassproduced said...

Hi...glad to read things have imroved for you and you have lots of positive things on the horizon. The studio looks good :o)

Life of Cattoo said...

Thanks NotMassProduced :-) x

Rebekah Leigh said...

Hi Helen! So happy that you managed to keep your job & your husband is doing well ☺My work is currently under going restructure and many of my colleagues have lost their jobs. Its really hard to watch. Congrats on having your cards in the arts centre, Go you! Also the top up degree sounds really exciting. I love learning even though its hard on top of full time work. Also I agree that the riots are a response to the recent changes. Its really bad that the cuts have taken very vital services away from people who just want to move forward positively in their lives. I hope something good can come out of all this instead of it just being a downward spiral. Yes on a more positive note your banana cake looks delicious! And your studio looks great too!Your desk is lovely!Have a great day ☺ x

Life of Cattoo said...
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Life of Cattoo said...

Hi Rebekah :-)

Thanks for the lovely message.

Restructures seem to be everywhere at the moment, it is not good I hope you get to keep your job too!

My desk was my Mums and she bought it from a college where she was doing a furniture making course. It has lots of marks and cuts in it, which I love. My Mum also painted the legs red, which I really like too.

Hope u had a great day too x