Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mabel and Martin liked to Match

Mabel and Martin liked to Match
Painting by Helen Dalgairns
Original size: 42 x 59.4 cm

This is my latest painting titled Mabel and Martin liked to Match.  The inspiration for this piece was based upon my love of the Sausage dog or for the correct term the Dachshund. I do not have one as a pet, I really like them including the Beagle but my life is too busy to own a dog.  If I did own a Sausage dog, I would definitely make it a little tartan outfit to wear like the one pictured above and let it sit on my knee whilst sipping a herbal tea at an artisan cafe.  I can only dream that maybe one day, probably when I am an old lady that this little dream may actually happen :-D  

Today was my day off work (yeah!) and I met my best friend Jenny for a cuppa at my favourite cafe The English Muse on Newland Avenue in Hull. We figured that Cream Tea was the way to go, especially on a gray drizzly day in January.  The clotted cream was sooooooooo so good and definitely worth the added inches it may have added to my hips!


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Rebekah Leigh said...

Oh but Sausage dogs are so easy to look after, you could carry it around with you and they need little walks ;)
I love my big hound but secretly would love a small sweet teddy of a dog to cuddle and dress up! I have my mind on getting a whippet one day.We need a bigger house first!
love xx
ps: The painting is fab.I hope your well x