Monday, 1 December 2008

Not just for Christmas

This Sunday I visited my local animal welfare centre RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals) with my Dad and his Wife Lydia , to find them a cat.

Before I made the visit I promised Alan my husband and Neo my cat that I wouldn't return with a new pet, which was so so hard to keep :-(

Above is a photograph I took whilst on my visit. These two little guys were so cute, the black and white kitten kept brushing up against the window every time I put my hand towards it. If I didn't have Neo I would have adopted both of them in an instant!

Currently my local RSPCA is full to the brim with cats and dogs who need loving homes. More and more people are apparently handing over their pets to the centre, due to no longer being able to afford to keep them according to my local news paper Hull Daily Mail.

Walking round the centre was so sad and made me wonder why so many people pay thousands for a pedigree cat or dog when these are waiting for a home.


victoria thorne said...

it's a good thing you are on the other side of the atlantic...i would have to scoop these adorable ones up right away, & i have also promised not to bring home another pet (we have a lovely little dog named sadie, and are cat-less this holiday for the first time in 26 years!)

it is good to be passionate about this, and let people know. wonderful work. love your collages and paintings, also; marvelous!


Cattoo said...

Thanks Victoria,

I really appreciate your comments, they keep me motivated and most importantly for a Blogger listened too :-)

I love your artwork also and maybe contacting you soon to interview you for my blog, if thats okay?