Thursday, 21 April 2011

April Sunny Days

I am really enjoying the sunny weather here in the UK, the flowers, the birds, my garden and the smell of BBQ's.  The Easter holidays are here and I am now off work for 12 days!!!!  Today I am making the most of my garden, as the next 11 days will consist of Al and I knocking through our separate toilet and bathroom. The bathroom and toilet are very old, the current interior includes horrible pink tiles from floor to ceiling and a dark blue bathroom suit. 

Whilst chilling in the garden this afternoon, I took some photos of Neo my cat enjoying the sun and I thought you might like to see them :-)  I am kind of new to gardening and I have been experimenting with potted plants which is becoming quite addictive!  I source most of my ceramic pots on Ebay and Freecycle, including the old Belfast sink pictured above which was free from Freecycle!  I have also got into the habit of collecting stones, bricks and drift wood whenever I visit the seaside.  

My Rhododendron

Neo enjoying the rays :-)

My potted Raspberry plant is growing fast, I will soon have to tie it to the canes.

Neo and her shadow :-)

Stretch! Back rub!

Happy Easter!!
I hope you get lots of chocolate!!!

XXX Helen & Neo XXX


Catsparella said...

Aw, such beautiful pics! Neo looks so content in the sun..such a pretty cat :) Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah Leigh said...

hello helen! nice to find you in web land! I hope you enjoy your hols and time off.we've spent the last 2 days re painting our bathroom, (yawn i'd rather be drawing)! , so sending good wishes for your home renovations! Lovely photos!

Life of Cattoo said...

Hello Rebekah :-) It is lovely to find you on web land too!

As I write this my husband is putting the last undercoat of paint on the bathroom walls. It seems to be taking forever but we will get there in the end, I hope!

I love your artwork by the way, it is wonderful xxx