Friday, 26 July 2013

Just Be

Title: As One with Nature

I am finally back and with some new artwork to show you, of which is very exciting for me and I hope you like them too. As the picture represents above I have now found a bit more balance in my life, especially since finishing my degree.  I am now aiming to just be, enjoy the last of the summer months and try to be as one with nature. Cats in my experience, do this well, everyday, whether rain or shine.

Title: Contentment

I am a cosy creature of sorts and cats are too, we like to have time to snuggle, be alone, read a good book (maybe not cats!) and day dream to our hearts content.  A day like this is not wasted to me and cat geek lady shown above has all that she wants in life, she needs no more than what surrounds her.

I will be soon producing both of these illustrations into limited edition prints for my online shops. 

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