Friday, 22 November 2013

No:1 Lady Chicken Keeper

No:1 Lady Chicken Keeper
Painting by Helen Dalgairns
Original size: 42 x 59.4 cm

This is my latest painting titled No:1 Lady Chicken Keeper and the inspiration for this piece was based upon my love of being a chicken keeper for four cheeky chickens. I know I shouldn't have a favourite chicken but I do, her name is Raspberry and I have loved her since the day I adopted her.  Raspberry is your everyday orange chicken (my favourite colour by the way), she has the cheekiest personality and likes to run around the garden exploring every nook and cranny, including the inside of our beloved 1970s Campervan!  The chicken in the painting was inspired upon Raspberry, although I decided to rename her in the painting as Doris and I am not sure why?

Life for me has had its downs recently, I am currently in recovery mode and my body and mind are starting to heal and wanting to give things another go in the near future.  This means that reopening my on-line shops has yet to still happen.

On a positive note my home town Hull was awarded City of Culture 2017 on Wednesday 20th Nov.  This has made me very happy and excited, especially for the people who live here and for the people who will move here in the future.  Hull has received some very bad press in the past and people who live here including myself laugh at these negative comments, as we know what a wonderful place this city is including the art scene that is now about to boom and blossom even more!  Please watch this fantastic film written, produced and directed by Matt Stephenson and Alan Jones:


Rebekah Leigh said...

I flipping love that painting!! Thanks for popping over to my blog earlier.Its good to hear you have your art time back.I really need to get round to picking up a pencil!!

Nellie and Neo said...

Thanks Rebekah, it does feel good to finally get back into the art making again. Good luck with the last of your assignments xxx